Alarm Systems

Burglary is an upsetting experience. It’s not just losing personal possessions or items of sentimental value, it’s the thought of your property being violated that’s also distressing.

It’s why installing an intruder alarm system is an excellent way to deter opportunists – it reduces the risk of would-be criminals accessing your business or home premises.

About our Alarm Installations

Our alarm installations can be customised to suit your requirements. The alarms we supply and install use the latest wireless technology and can be armed and disarmed remotely via an app on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. You will also be notified via your smartphone if the alarm is triggered while you are away from the property giving you compete piece of mind. We offer a yearly maintenance plan with all of our installations and we will go through this with you once the installation has been completed.

Smoke Detectors

We can include smoke detectors into your alarm package so that you will be notified if they are triggered while you are away from the property.